Another amazing lady

I met a long-standing client of mine in Terminal 3 this afternoon.  Whilst waiting for the Customs OB desk to process my documents, we were chatting about holidays next year and what we were up to.

I mentioned I was off to Everest BC with my son, and she grinned… she said she did this when she were a 20-year-old!

Now I’m not a great judge of guessing ages, but I recon that must have been in maybe the mid seventies!  Wow… how so much more of an achievement this must have been 40 years ago, without the benefit of organised trekking companies to arrange visas, Sherpas and lodge accomodation etc.

Ugh… must keep motivated

Been a busy weekend, but also feeling lazy.

I must be more focused and get out there more regularly…

However, the good news is, my Son Alex has booked up for the same trip!  Magic.

I now have someone to share my lodge room with, and who hopefully will have a vested interest in carrying me down if and when necessary ☺


Cooper’s Hill

This morning I went over to Cooper’s Hill near Englefield Green to find a few Geocaches and visit  the Magna Carta Libertatum Monument and the  JFK memorial site.  On my climb back to my car from the Magna Carta Monument I managed to hit, indeed exceed, my MHR!  I am still here ☺

There’s a terrific view of Heathrow on the way up.  I have a feeling this is going to be a good training ground for me over the coming year.