Saving video/photo safely when on the trail?

Something that’s been nagging me over the last week…

I’m planning to take my Go Pro Hero 4 Black fitted with a 64 gb Scandisk Extreme SD card, and a Lumix AVC3HDlite with just a 2 gb Scandisk SD card.

The Go Pro will give me around 3 hrs video on the card, and the Lumix around 300 hi-res photographs.

Despite the continually reducing cost of SD cards, it’s not practicable or financially viable  to carry maybe a dozen cards for my 3 week trip.

With limited (… OK very limited) intenet access between Lukla and Everest BC, I need something to pull off the data from my cards on a daily basis.


Here comes in the WD My Passport Wireless Portable Hard Drive!

I spent most of today reseaching alternatives, but I concluded this gives the best facilities/cost ratio for my primary purpose… simply getting data off my sd cards.

I have bought mine from Amazon for £20 cheaper.

I will post an update about this at at later date.

A good day today.

Well, apart from being in the office for 6 hours!

Today I had a delivery to my office of some gear I had ordered from Cotswold Outdoor.  I ordered from them because KE Adventure Travel (my tour organiser) had negotiated a 15% discount with them!

To add to my delight, my GoPro Hero 4 also arrived back from the Netherlands following the repair of the USB connector. They even sent me a free battery and USB door cover.

Really disappointed about the unit initially being faulty, but hey… what a terrific 6 day turnaround ☺